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Find every StarkNet’s top protocols TVL related metrics you can possibly think of


Track fees consumed by StarkNet network


Gain a global overview of all projects building on StarkNet


Follow the evolution of the current / past volume in a simple way.


Chart users historical performance using several financial and alternative metrics


Track StarkNet transactions metrics.


Keep track of your portfolio valuation with our robust price feeds (PLUG CL) and spy every onchain events.

Yield & pools

Liquidity, vaults & pools informations. APY ranking viewed by different filters (inflationary yield, sustainable yield, etc.)


On-chain gaming data: top games, daily users, new projects, recent news and off-chain noise.

Premium data

Newly deployed contracts, trending tokens, featured protocols alerts… all through push notifications.

About us

Founded in June 2022, Starkboard is the best place to track StarkNet-related metrics and keep up with new protocols adding to the constellation!

At StarkBoard, we care about user experience. That’s why we’re taking into consideration every feedback received and still keep pushing for innovations and added-value.

Our services

We’re providing DAO2DAO services for entities (high quality data analysis, deep insights, historical insights, social analysis, on-chain users profiling & dashboard creation).


Starkboard provides all the latest Starknet data that you are looking for!